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Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Foothill Station Jail.

Harbor Area Jail "Weekend only". Hollywood Station Jail. Metropolitan Detention Center. Arcadia City Jail.

Beverly Hills City Jail. Century Regional Detention Facility.

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Claremont City Jail. Crescenta Valley City Jail. Culver City Jail. East Los Angeles Station Jail. Long Beach City Jail. Manhattan Beach City Jail.

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Marina Del Rey Station Jail. Monrovia City Jail. Pitchess North Correctional Facility.

Pasadena City Jail. Pitchess, located directly east of exit off of Interstate 5 in the unincorporated community of Castaic in the County of Los Angeles in southern California. The 2, acre site was previously known as the Wayside Honor Rancho or the Wayside Jail by which it is still sometimes known and was nicknamed the Wayside Drunk Farm in the s because of the large proportion of inmates serving time for alcohol-related offenses— when first built for prison use in it was a minimum-security facility where inmates worked on a farm setting.

Since then the facility has grown to be the largest in the County.

‘No more jails,’ just mental health centers. Is that a realistic policy for L.A. County?

About The 1. During that time, the deputy sheriffs had to prevent people from breaking in. Security at the facility centers on a panoptic design that allows deputies and officers in a central control room to look through secure optical material to see into all areas of the facility. Skip to content. Post Bail Online.

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Traditionally, county jails only housed inmates who were just arrested, waiting for trial or serving short misdemeanor sentences. Almost no one was there for more than a year. Most got out within hours or days of being booked. Realignment has improved conditions in the state prisons, experts say. But that percentage shrank and the share of inmates who were convicted felons jumped almost instantly after realignment took effect.

LA County Wants To Tear Down A Jail To Help Its Mentally Ill Inmates: LAist

Today, about one-quarter of jail inmates are there because of AB, give or take by county. Officials say they see more violence, gang problems and smuggled-in drugs. Health-wise, the population is also getting older with more substance-abuse problems, mental illness and chronic diseases. Russell had been sentenced to six months in jail followed by probation for a felony domestic violence case and a misdemeanor case of driving under the influence of drugs, court records show. His health crisis began late on Jan. As it worsened over the next 12 hours, his chest pain rose to the top of the pain scale, 10 out of It radiated to his arm and jaw.

His hands, feet and then both arms went numb. He continued vomiting until the spasms turned to dry heaves. In his first four visits to nurses, he was given antacids for the nausea; a referral to a mental health assessment, where a physician instructed him in breathing exercises for anxiety; and nitroglycerine and Motrin for his pain. Each time he was sent back to his cell.