Separate maintainence to divorce in michigan

Separate maintenance actions are relatively rare in Nevada Family Law.

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Marshal S. Willick, Esq. He can be reached at East Bonanza Rd. Email Address. If you have any questions about separate maintenance or are seeking representation, please contact us at , or by using the form below:.

Could Wisconsin maintenance terminate if I live with a new partner?

Bonanza Rd. Sending E-mail does not constitute such an agreement. Do not send any confidential information or specific details about a case or pending case. Confidential information needs to be submitted to your attorney only after we have a written agreement. Facebook Twitter RSS. Separate Maintenance. Sole: One parent is given primary right to decide matters of health, education, and welfare of the children Joint: Both parents share responsibility of decision-making, but the children primarily reside with one parent.

Husband Wife. Husband Wife Both Parents. Child Visitation Details Describe Wife's access with the children: Describe Wife's visitation time with the children: Describe the visitation time with both parents: Describe Husband's access with the children: Describe Husband's visitation time with the children: Regular visitation schedule:.

Child Support Details Who will be paying child support? The parent who has the child for the least amount of time generally pays a fixed amount in child support to the other parent. Month Week Two Weeks.

Separate Maintenance in Michigan - NSSSB

Husband will make recurring payments Wife will make recurring payments Both spouses pay according to a fixed percentage. Month Weekly Two Weeks. Note: Some months do not have 30 days. The legal language will specify that the payments will be due at the end of the month instead. Child Health Insurance Costs Who will maintain health insurance for the child? Health care expenses can include dental, vision and other medical expenses. Husband Wife Both Neither i. End of Payments When will child maintenance end?

This includes any payments for additional costs, health insurance, and dental coverage. The expenses will end when the child is no longer a financially dependent minor Payments will continue indefinitely if the child is financially dependent due to illness or disability Even if not a minor, payments will continue if the child is attending an educational institution full-time. Spousal Support Payments Will one party pay spousal support?

Yes Not now, but possibly in the future Never, not even after divorce. Yes Never, not even after divorce. Note: Some months do not have 29 days. When Wife remarries or enters a common-law relationship Payments will continue indefinitely On a specific date. When Husband remarries or enters a common-law relationship Payments will continue indefinitely On a specific date. Marital Home Do you own your home, or are you renting? Renting Own a home. Ownership of the home will be transferred to one spouse The home will be sold and the proceeds will be divided.

Free Michigan Marital Separation Agreement

How much will Husband pay? Husband Wife Both. Half of monthly mortgage payment, and any repair or maintenance expenses. Husband's Assets Will Husband be entitled to any specific items? Add another asset.

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Separate Maintenance

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Tenth Item Describe item:. Wife's Assets Will Wife be entitled to any specific items? Husband's Debts Will Husband be solely responsible for any debts?

A Guide to Divorce in Michigan

List all debts such as credit card debts, car loans, personal loans, etc. Do not list any debts related to the matrimonial home.

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