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Besides that, I took everything I could from Tommy, her brother. After all, they are siblings, right? When you start to feel more comfortable, you can slowly create some more "realistic" details to your characters. Such as larger pupils We are ready to add more emotions to our dear Lucy yes, that's her name.

Learn to Draw a Cartoon Character

Let's draw her after receiving the news that their school holidays have come to an end Again we achieve something totally different just adding two things: The tears and the new shape of her mouth! Isn't it amazing?! And that's it! We got the expected result with just these few changes. Hair, ears, nose, chin and the circular shape of the eyes are the same! Simple as that! Be aware of the main differences in structure when comparing them side by side. Pay attention to these details when drawing male and female characters:. Eyes, nose, mouth, ears It's very common to see cartoon characters looking at every possible direction with different camera angles, because they will need to react to situations and objects around them.

This helps bring them more to life! Now we will put into practice everything we have learned so far Below follows a basic template only circles and directional guides where we can practice our drawing skills in different positions:. It's up to you now. I guess you can walk alone and explore the techniques I gave to you to complete the drawings. Remember that cartoon style has two premises:.

How to Draw Cartoon Characters Step by Step - DrawingNow

Once you managed to sketch the direction of the eyes and have chosen the proper chins, try to use your creativity to build how many faces you want. You can be sure that, if you practice at least 10 minutes per day of the techniques presented here, drawing cartoon faces will be as natural to you as breathing. Let's summarize! To reinforce what I talked throughout the tutorial, let's remember the proper steps to draw cartoon faces:.

We are nearing the end of our tutorial. As a last tip, I would encourage you to continue experimenting with facial expressions and, whenever possible, to invest more in studies of the face. Learn how the eyes and mouth behave in different situations. Take a look at different ethnicities and the key features.

Explore the Variations

Whenever possible, try to give a little more realism to your characters. Observe the behavior of people in real life. Look at photos, study the style of your favorite artist or search for inspiration on the Internet. It's when we look to real life that we can extract quality information for our drawings.

click here But remember: observing the real world does not mean copying! You want your character to be unique and not a copy of reality, right? Now you know the basic techniques used by the best cartoon artists around the world. There is plenty more to come and this is just a small fraction of the cartoon drawing tutorials I'll be presenting to you. Up next, we're going to dig deeper into cartoon expressions. Take what you learn here and work on your first characters. You can earn a nice side-income selling your character designs on GraphicRiver as you ramp up your skills.

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Learning Guides. This post is part of a series called How to Draw Cartoons. This post is part of a series called Learn How to Draw. Cartoon character creation kit Understanding Human Perception The human-being has a very interesting feature: We can synthesize the details that make up a structure or an object in very complex ways into very basic and simple ones. Can you tell me if the two images below represent the same object?

Weird as it may seem, you can look at the two pictures and say "it's a car". You don't want to keep drawing like that, do you?

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So, let's get our hands dirty and make some cartoon faces! Create Our First Character The basic cartoon shape is a circle. Draw a vertical and horizontal line intersecting at the center, like in the image below: Step 1 To make the eyes, draw an oval shape with a slight tilt to the side at the top. Step 2 At the top of the circle, slightly thicken the trait that will be the eyelashes of our character. Step 3 We arrived in the most creative freedom of the whole course. Step 4 When designing a nose being seen from the front, it is common not to use many details.

Let's put the correct nose on our character. Step 5 As our character is a child, we will make a cartoon mouth: something simple just to represent an expression of innocence. Step 6 The ears are seen from the front side view because our character is facing the camera , so that the internal cavities will not appear. Step 7 The shape of our skull is already defined by the circle we did at the beginning, right? Well, it seems we completed our character successfully!

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Create an Older Character Step 1 As usual, let's start with the eyes. Step 2 We will increase our chin a bit this time. Try something like this. Step 3 Following what we did before, let's create the nose. This time I will make a completely different nose from before: Notice that the ends of the nose are positioned very close to the bottom of the eyes. Speaking of overkill, let's eliminate the mouth of our character in favor of another artifact Time to be the stylist for your cartoon girls. Just like with the guys, make new combos of hair and accessories for your female cartoon characters and feel free to give her a nose job.

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Try different hairstyles with one character until you have her just the way you like. As you might expect, cartoon girls have more hair and more options for styling it. While it may look overwhelming, they're just a series of lines. Break down each style and try to replicate one line at a time while you practice. Also, remember that she is a cartoon, so the funkier her hair, the better. Now to change expressions.