How to find bankruptcy public records

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Electronic Case Files

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Is bankruptcy discharge public record?

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What’s Included in My Bankruptcy Record and Who Can See It?

Leave this field blank. Canadian bankrupted companies details Submitted by Venkata Mahendra on May 26, - AM Hi there, I'm looking for all Canadian bankrupted companies publicly traded during the last 2 decades. Can you suggest me the best way to get the firms' details?

Will My Bankruptcy Be Published in the Newspaper?

Thanks in advance. Submitted by Shazia on April 23, - AM hi, This data include information about public firms only, or both private and public firms? Bankruptcy List of Individuals Submitted by Guy - Alexandre on April 02, - PM Hi, Is there a way to obtain a list of individuals who have filed for bankruptcy within a specific province?

Will My Bankruptcy Filing Show Up In Public Records?

My company can provide benefits to people who have filed for bankruptcy and I was wondering if this practice is possible. Thank you!

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You might find there the information you are looking for. I hope this helps.

Alexandra Open Government team. There was never an agreement from me to pay for any other person's use or damage of property that I was excluded from and never did get even a guaranteed lease date to check-in. Yet the company claiming to have gained receivership - Northmont Resort Properties - has fraudulently attempted to serve me a subpoena. The OSB sends a monthly list of new bankruptcies to each of the credit bureaus Equifax and TransUnion , who record them on their credit histories of individual consumers. This is not likely. Creditors of a bankrupt individual record the bankruptcy when they receive this notice.

If you are applying for new credit while your bankruptcy remains on your credit bureau records, the companies considering granting credit to you may record the bankruptcy when they check your record at a credit bureau. To do this on the Internet:. The search tool does not allow random searches.

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  • The person searching must know in advance whose record they are seeking, or the search may become prohibitively expensive.