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That always helped. Then after divorcing he gave me a list of rules.

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I wasn't to date or remarry. I lived in constant fear. Once I finally moved on into a serious relationship, my ex pulled me into court, fighting for custody of our 3 kids. I ended up agreeing to shared parenting hoping he would move on and be happy. Less than 7 months later he pulled me into court againafter learning I was pregnant by my new husband. Another year of court dragged by. Last march, my ex pulled me into court again. This time because he found out I was getting married.

But this is where I must back track. Three years ago, my 11 year old son went to school on his dad's week with supplies to kill himself in the school bathroom. He had taken multiple box cutters, a knife, and a razor and his dad didn't even notice.

39th Judicial District Court of Common Pleas (Franklin and Fulton Counties)

He carefully wrote a goodbye letter and gave it to a friend. Luckily the friend went for help and I was able to get to my son and seek help before he succeeded. Since then I have heard the details of the horrific mental and physical abuse my son suffered at the hands of his father.

Choked, hit, smacked in the face, and the best onehe handed my son a knife and told him to get it over Just go kill yourself. My son stopped seeing his father completely. And I spent the next 3 years, 7 hospitalizations, and somewhere around 20 tried and failed and tried again medications, rebuilding my son. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD have taken a serious toll on him. Three years of wondering if he would live another day. All while hearing more and more about his abuse from his therapists. Details of the mental abuse against my sweet perfect 9 year old girl have become known as well.

Her father calls her "little Amanda" when she misbehaves. When she chose an adorable pixie haircut, he told her girls are ugly with short hair and left her sobbing. She has reported being punched in the chest and kicked.

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He has dragged her across floors by the arm. He allows his family to grab and yell at her. So back to now It represents one of the monumental public projects erected under a program designed to relieve unemployment during the great depression years of the third decade of the twentieth century. It furnished occupation to hundreds of individuals who had become idle as a result of the greatest economic crisis the nation had ever suffered.

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  • Ross and Charles Stroup. Rush Deputy County Engineer. Hunt A. Allen, Architects Engineers. It was time honored and venerable. For one hundred and eighty years it served the people of Clermont County. It was the seat of just government, the symbol of equity. When it was erected, its surroundings were primitive. Deer, bears and other wild life abounded. The removal of the county seat from Williamsburg to Batavia in necessitated the construction of a courthouse.

    Ezekiel Dimmitt, pioneer builder, undertook what was in those days a hard task for the then considerable sum of three thousand eight hundred dollars. As a tribute to the sturdiness and true patriotism of those whose lives ran concurrently with the life of the old courthouse there appear above the entrance of the present building carved likenesses of senator Thomas Morris and General Ulysses S. Illustrious sons of Clermont County. Weygandt , delivering the dedicatory address.

    Judge Hugh L. The new building was formally presented by L. White, who accepted the structure on behalf of the County Commissioners. Judges Edwin Ely and F. Hamilton spoke on behalf of the Court of Appeals.

    Court Departments

    Nichols presented the Chief Justice for the final address of the day. Eli H. Speidel was chair of the Dedicatory Committee. Guided tours of the new courthouse followed the formal ceremony. With the growing population of the county, the Courthouse was eventually too small and in an addition was made, filling in the space between the newly erected Court House and an older office building.

    In the old office building was completely remodeled and the second floor was made into a second Common Pleas Court room. That building was originally constructed in and for many years contained the quarters of all the public officials with the exception of the Common Pleas Court. The program for the dedication ceremony for various county buildings, including court related buildings, held December 16, , related this history of the county courthouses:. Dimmitt was the first settler in the Batavia area and was quite prominent as a builder and civic leader in the village.

    The interior of this first Court House consisted of a foyer with ascending stairways on each side. This old bell is still a proud country possession and a cherished relic of this historic old building. Anyone with knowledge of its whereabouts is urged to contact the Common Pleas Court. When the original court house was torn down in December it had served its county for years and was the oldest court house still in use in Ohio. The present court house was built as a W. A garage, to house county road equipment, was built, with materials left over from the court house job, to the rear of the court house on the alley.

    In this garage building was remodeled as a county court room and court offices and in further remodeled to house the County Engineer offices for which it is used and will be rededicated as such today. A major enlargement of the Court House and a relocation of offices was accomplished in On the first floor the Auditors space was doubled and new offices were built for the County Recorder.

    Also additional office space was provided for the Probate Court. The County Engineer and the Clerk of Courts enjoyed additional space on the second floor and the Sheriff was provided space near the Court Room. A corridor was constructed to join the main building with the newly remodeled County Court room. This year major renovation to construct a new Juvenile Court room and offices were accomplished in the basement of the Court House.

    These offices will be dedicated today. A county data processing room is also located on the basement floor. Other renovations completed this year have joined the Court House with Annex No. As the county and the demand for government services grew, the old Court House and a group of small brick buildings between the Court House and the Jail, became inadequate to the needs.

    In March, , during the Civil War, the Commissioners contracted with Robert Haines for an additional county office building. One can marvel at the simple beauty and architectural design of this fine old structure but what can more attest to the genius of its builder, than this fact, that now, in , after years of constant use this building, in a new dress, continues on in the service of its county.

    For better than half a century the building housed offices for the County Auditor, the Treasurer and the Clerk of Courts on the first floor and the Recorder, Probate Court and Engineer on the second floor. Numerous county offices and services have occupied space in this building throughout its long history.

    Brown County » Departments » Clerk of Circuit Court

    Too many to record here. A complete renovation of the building was started in and completed this year. Today attractive modern offices for the County Extension Services and new and additional office space for the Auditor occupy the first floor [currently the Probation Department]. The basement was remodeled for storage space. The addition was finished in and is located to the east of and is connected to the old courthouse.

    The building addition was designed in Greek Revival style and contains a central pediment supported by Tuscan columns with brick bases. The pediment contains an elliptical window. A drum rises from the roofline and is topped by a clock tower capped by a dome. The original entrance to the Courthouse was transformed into a stained glass window commemorating the history of Clermont County in images of its townships, villages, and cities. The addition was dedicated on May 14, during a ceremony attended by the then Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer and the associate justices of the Supreme Court of Ohio. McBride, Judge Robert P.

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