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South African Genealogy: Locating Early Marriage Records

In , separate marriage and banns registers were introduced in a standard printed portrait format, which remained in use until , when civil registration began. As well as parish registers, these records include British nationals who lived or served overseas, people who were born or died in workhouses, non-conformist life events, and indexes of wills and probate. In Ireland, civil registration of births, marriages and deaths started in for non-Catholic marriages. The indexes to civil registration are on Findmypast and in them you can find all the information you need to order a copy certificate from The General Register Office of Ireland. Great details can be found on birth, marriage and death certificates. These records are one of the most important collections in Irish genealogy and are completely free on Findmypast.

The registers include baptisms, marriages, burials and congregational records from to Wills, memorials marriage bonds, baptisms and burials all make excellent resources to consult when discovering your Irish roots. Early births, marriages, and deaths in the United States were sometimes recorded in register books until the early s, when producing certificates became more common.

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  • Irish birth and marriage certificates from 1864 to be available online.
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  • Every state eventually developed its own laws and established a statewide registration system. They include birth certificates, death records, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, naturalization records, adoption records, and land records from every state, territory, and county.

    These certificates are accurate sources recorded close to the actual event.