How to find ip address of domain name

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Gold Product Expert. Original Poster. Wayne Klinge. Gold Product Expert barryhunter. Ah, this is for setting up a custom domain on Google Sites? Soogle sites is your 'hosting provider'.

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Go to your domain host. Enter the subdomain name, for example, the " www " of www. Type in the host name ghs. This will point your URL to your Google site. All Replies 9. Well if mean the IP address for the domain as set currently , can just do a 'DNS Lookup' against the domain to find what it says.

Thank you for responding, you are correct about getting it from the hosting site. What I haven't been able to do is figure out how to get in touch with Google Sites tech support to get that information. Can you help me with that? Simply Me.

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Regarding an A record, this could be useful to catch visitors trying to open your website without www root domain. Please find detailed help in step 7 of the following instructions:.

How To Find IP ADDRESS Of Any Website Using CMD!!! WITH PROOF!!!

Generally speaking here are all steps you need to proceed for a proper setup with new GSites :. We might be able to help you out with a look up of their docs, if you tell us who your provider is. Your provider might use synonyms. Some providers require the in the name field, often you can just leave it blank.

TTL is the time in seconds for refresh.

IP Address – DreamHost

Do not set it too short. Step 3 New Search Console :.

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You need to assign the URL on the Google admin console on admin. The related help center page. As you see, there is more to set, which is a disadvantage against the first method. An advantage is, that you have more control. Even if we have always discussed to assign the www subdomain, you can use any subdomain with GSites you want.

To point your domain name to a new IP address, please follow these steps:

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Hostname to IP Address Lookup

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