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The Texas Warrant Roundup involves more than jurisdictions state-wide with more than half of them from the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area. If you think you have a warrant in your name, find out for sure. Don't risk being arrested once the Texas Roundup starts.

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Warrant Roundup Commences in Hunt County, Texas

Any citizen of Texas may come forward to square their debt and pay their fines without further penalties. But, once the roundup starts you can be arrested at any time or any place; including your home, work or school.

It's almost impossible to hide from the police since they are equipped with special license plate scanning devices in their cruisers to easily check plates and find out if you're on the warrant list. If you have an outstanding warrant in Texas, it's strongly advised to contact the local authorities and straighten out the warrant before the grace period ends. By the end of the Great Texas Roundup in March, thousands of civilians in Texas will have either been arrested or paid millions of dollars in fines.

Avoid an embarrassing arrest by finding out if you have a warrant in your name. Begin your search for free by typing your name in the search box above and you're on your way to finding out.

Hunt County Warrant Division in full swing

What To Do If Your Name is On the Warrant List The best thing to do if you're on the warrant list is to come forward and satisfy the debt as soon as possible to clear your name. It's also advised to contact an attorney to act on your behalf. An attorney can help you post a bond to suspend the arrest warrant which sends your case back before a jury to be decided.

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  7. If you've forgotten to pay a ticket or appear for a court date, you may have an outstanding warrant in your name. Note, in addition to risking arrest and jail time, anyone with an unpaid fine or warrant during the Texas Warrant Roundup can have a hold placed on the renewal of their vehicle registration until the warrant is resolved.

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    Deadline to avoid publication is Tuesday, Feb. According to a news release from the City, the Municipal Court has a backlog of about 28, outstanding warrants, involving some 8, defendants dating back to the year The misdemeanor warrants cover traffic violations; criminal offenses such as issuance of a bad check, theft, criminal mischief and assault; and City code citations for garbage, weeds, junk and unsanitary conditions.

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    Warrants also include charges of failure to appear for a court date, to pay a fine or to comply with a court order, and contempt of court. Chief City Marshal John Gonzales said publishing warrant lists helps generate leads that officers pursue during roundups.

    What is a Texas Blue Warrant?

    Payment of fines can be made in full at municipalonlinepayments. Emerick St.