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You can obtain an application form from our office to apply for a Sales Tax I. I need a Federal I. The federal government issues Federal ID numbers.

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To obtain an application you can contact the Small Business Development Center at Where do I go to pay my property taxes? Do you process passports? Applications for new and renewal of passports are available at the County Clerk's Office in Mayville. Forms are available at Travel.

Appointments are appreciated by calling How can I get a copy of a birth, marriage or death certificate? Birth and death certificates also known as vital records are available from the town, city, or village clerk where the birth or death took place. Marriage records are available from the town, city, or village clerk where application for the marriage license was taken. Also, marriage records for the entire county are available in the County Clerk's Office for the time period of to April of I need a copy of my judgment of divorce, can I get that from the County Clerk's Office?

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Most judgments of divorce are less than four pag Where can I purchase a marriage license? You can purchase a marriage license from any town or city clerk in New York State. Can I buy a hunting and fishing license from the County Clerk's Office?

You can get hunting and fishing licenses from town clerks or sporting goods stores. Where do I get a copy of a deed and what do I need?

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All deeds recorded in the County Clerk's Office are public information. Copies can be obtained by providing the name of owner and address of the property. Pre-Nuptial Agreements.

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Partners Associates Of Counsel. Most couples do not want the details of their divorce made public for anyone to view, even if the divorce was amicable. However, information about divorces in New York is typically a matter of public record. One reason for making the details of a divorce action public record is because the decisions in some divorce actions may be the basis for arguments attorneys use in future cases, especially for cases that are appealed to a higher court. If you are concerned about the details of your case being available for anyone to read, you can talk to a New York family law lawyer about filing a motion to seal the records.

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No one wants the personal details of their marriage and divorce readily available for public consumption. Court orders, motions, affidavits, and other court documents might be available for view by other family members, friends, employers, and others. However, a judge will not seal a divorce case simply because you do not want to share the private details of your divorce with the public.

Being embarrassed about the details of your divorce action is not sufficient cause for sealing a divorce proceeding.

Are New York Divorce Records Public? | Matrimonial and Family Law Blog

You may be able to convince a judge to seal your divorce records under certain circumstances. For example, cases in which allegations of child abuse are raised, a judge may agree to seal the records to protect the child. Judges may also seal court records if domestic violence was involved or if the identification of certain financial information could result in either party being harmed if the information was released to the public or used by certain parties.

A New York divorce attorney can provide guidance and advice after reviewing the facts in your case.

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