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Under current law, SSA collects information on deaths and maintains a record of all deaths reported to the agency dating to SSA uses those data to administer its programs and shares the information with other agencies that administer federal benefit programs. The Department of Commerce makes the Death Master File DMF , a subset of those data, available to nongovernmental organizations after the department certifies a legitimate purpose for using the data—for example, to prevent fraud.

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The DMF, which has information on about million deceased people, excludes death data reported by states, because SSA may share data on deaths reported by states only in certain circumstances, such as to agencies that pay federal benefits. A subset of the DMF, which is available to the general public through the Department of Commerce, excludes both death data reported by states and data on deaths within the past three years. It also would make the complete death file, rather than only the DMF, available to the Do Not Pay program—a program administered by the Department of the Treasury that allows agencies to identify ineligible recipients by checking various databases before payments are made.

FORM - The individual requesting the correction must include a completed death correction statement.


List the correct information in the Corrections Desired column. The correction statement must include the signature of the funeral director who signed the original certificate or the informant. Box , New Castle, PA Be sure to include a valid email address to receive an email acknowledgement that your application was received. ID - Include a legible photocopy of the individual's person requesting the correction valid government-issued photo ID verifying the name and current mailing address.

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Examples include a state-issued driver's license or non-driver photo ID. Expired IDs cannot be accepted.

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If the address has been changed, include copy of the update card. If possible, enlarge photo ID on copier by at least percent. If you do not have acceptable photo identification, you may submit a completed Statement from Requestors Not Possessing Acceptable Government-Issued Photo ID with two acceptable documents verifying current address.

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Fee may be waived if the subject is an armed forces member. Note that cash is not accepted. If cash is submitted with your application, it will be returned causing additional delays. How to Correct Personal Information of Decedent if Death Occurred More Than Two Years Ago To correct spelling or typographical errors in the decedent's name, date of birth, age, mailing address, social security number, etc. The correction statement must include the signature of the funeral director who signed the original certificate or the Informant.

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A photocopy of any one document that conclusively establishes the information to be corrected must also be submitted. Acceptable documents include a birth certificate, social security card, marriage record, or life insurance policy.

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Documents will NOT be returned. Yes, the fee may be waived for death certificates if the decedent was an armed forces member or if the applicant the person applying is: The decedent's legal spouse; A dependent child; or The funeral director listed on the death certificate if the decedent is listed as a veteran.

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How do I check the status of a request I submitted by mail for a death certificate? How do I find a cemetery plot, burial place or place of cremation? A death certificate should indicate the name and location of the cemetery where an individual is buried or the place of cremation; however, you must contact the cemetery official to obtain the exact location.

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Do foreign governments accept a death certificate issued by the Pennsylvania Division of Vital Records? Must it be further authenticated with an apostille or certification?

here Use a range. Social Security Number. Last Known Residence City. ZIP Code. Start at the end. Our social security death index records are integrated with the other GenealogyBank online collections for the most robust family history research tool. Social Security Death Index Search Tips Name searches in the Social Security Death Index are processed against three fields of data—the first and last names of the deceased, and his or her middle initial or name. Only the first letters of first names are shown in the death index records and only middle initials are recorded.