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After certification, all assessors must participate in continuing education programs to maintain their certification. For more information and to download appeal forms and instructions click here. Cheryl Johnson - Assessment Manager. The System is currently unavailable due to maintenance. Please check again later. Home Property Records County Website. County History. Millage Rates.

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Print Business Personal Property Application. Print Motor Vehicle Application. Builders Exemption. Land Records. The Land Records Section maintains ownership and mapping information for all real property records. When a document is recorded in either office, the Land Records Section processes a change of ownership and the Tax Record is updated to reflect the new owner. For taxation purposes, ownership is determined as of January 1 each year. Parcel mapping is also maintained using recorded information.

When a deed is recorded, there is a description of the property in terms of, "Meets and Bounds" which describes the boundaries of the parcel being conveyed; or, there may be a survey recorded showing the boundaries of the parcel being conveyed. View a Sample Map.

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Real Property Look-Up. Personal Property. The Personal Property Section consists of three primary areas:. Non-business personal property consists of manufactured homes, boats and personal water craft, boat motors, airplanes, and non-registered motor vehicles.

This property is required to be listed by the owner each year during the month of January. The Tax Department mails listing forms at the beginning of January to taxpayers who listed property the preceding year.

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Taxpayers should update the form by adding property obtained during the preceding calendar year or removing property that he or she no longer own, and return the signed form to the Tax Department. Taxpayers who own personal property and have not previously listed it or who do not receive a listing form should contact the Tax Department.

Business personal property is any personal property that is used in conjunction with a business or for income producing purposes. For a detailed brochure describing business personal property and who should list it and how it should be listed, click HERE. To access a printable version of a business personal property listing form, click HERE. To access instructions for completing a business personal property listing form, click HERE.

The Moore County Tax Department is responsible for the assessment and billing of taxes where missed months of taxation exist between motor vehicle registration expiration of a vehicle's registration and renewal of that registration or the issuance of a new registration. The vehicle is an unregistered vehicle during the gap in registration. Click HERE for frequently asked questions and answers. Motor Vehicles that are registered current license plate through the Department of Motor Vehicles do not have to be listed.

The DMV will send an invitation to renew which will include motor vehicle taxes as well as, renewal fees.

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The value is determined as of January 1 of the year in which the bill is due. Motor vehicles taxes are paid to DMV. Listing FAQs. How can I update my address information? When should personal property be listed? Personal property should be listed during the month of January each year. What personal property should be listed each January? Who must file a business listing form?

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When should business personal property be listed? What is business personal property? How do I obtain a listing form? How is ownership of real property maintained? Where can I obtain information of properties that have sold?

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A plat was recorded in Register of Deeds to combine my two lots and the Tax Department is still billing me for two separate lots. Why were the lots not combined? What is the difference between taxable and calculated acreage? Where can I obtain a map of my property? What year were the GIS aerial photographs taken? What programs are available to help with my tax liability? Where may I obtain an application for the exclusion and deferment tax programs? Motor Vehicle FAQs.

We do not own this vehicle anymore. What should I do with the bill? How can I get an adjustment to my bill for submitting my vehicle tag to the License Plate Agency before it expired? I am in the military, do I have to pay this bill? I do not live in Moore County and never have. Why am I receiving a bill? Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to get the county corrected.