People cant find server on sof2

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Will try reinstalling SOF2, but the game played fine when I hosted a server real quick and played alone. All those servers are up for the version of the MP test that is comming out tomarrow, we are all playing the one that has been leaked for several weeks.

Just download the new version tomarrow and there will be a ton of new servers up for all to play on. Boy, today is st00pid day for me, huh?

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Thanks for the heads up man. Im 11th in line at CrapPlanet to download the version that came out today, w00t! I couldn't get the internet server list to work however, and just tried an office type map by myself. Map design is ok, guns seems beefy and realistic, and I'm looking forward to trying it out with a few friends. SOF2 server up: chris.

So what's the difference between the leaked demo and the official demo? I hate the in-game browser I think I'll stick to Half-Life. Oh and I got an interesting error If you have to wonder why HL is such a goliath in PC gaming SOF2 Multiplayer Demo. Posted: Tue Apr 16, am.

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Low Ki. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Posted: Tue Apr 16, pm. Does anyone know of any servers besides Posted: Wed Apr 17, am.

Black Op82A1. Posted: Wed Apr 17, pm. Posted: Thu Apr 18, pm.

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Hey, i dl today and those servers won't let me join because I'm using a more recent version of multiplayer test released today. The other servers i've tried in game all require passwords? I still have the install program, if anyone is willing to lend a server, I could upload it for them :.

recently reinstalled and cant get a server list

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lag during games - please help

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