Administrative leave with pay probation officer dui arrest

If you don't contact the probation office, you may be arrested. When you have an office appointment with your probation officer, you should be prepared to bring proof of:. Your probation officer may also visit you at your home or job.

A. Statutory Authority

These field visits must be conducted as part of the supervision process, and it's not their intent to embarrass you or create problems for you or your family. If you have any concerns about field visits, you should share them with your probation officer beforehand.

You're allowed to use prescribed drugs while on probation. If you don't complete the testing or have a positive test result, this may result in a violation of probation.

Probation Information

If you're arrested, charged with any offense, or have any police contact, contact your probation officer immediately. If you're unable to speak directly with your probation officer, ask for a supervisor. Generally, all court ordered fees and restitution payments are made at the Clerk's Office of the court that sentenced you. There is no monthly probation fee supervised or administrative for the first 6 months after release from a prison or house of correction.

Payment must be made with cash, a certified bank check, or a money order. Some courts are now accepting payment by credit card — this option may be available in your court. You'll be given a receipt for each payment you make. Please save your receipts. Payment plans may also be available with the judge's approval. Talk to your probation officer for more information. If you've been adjudicated or convicted of an offense that's punishable by imprisonment in the state prison, you have to provide a DNA sample through the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory. It's your responsibility to contact the MA State Police Crime Laboratory to schedule the date, time, and location where the sample will be taken by calling Costs for the procedure will be billed directly to you.

Once you've paid, a receipt will be issued, which you must show to your probation officer.

They accept referrals from probation officers and have regularly scheduled hours to help you complete your required community service. You can also perform community service at a non-profit agency or organization of your choice if your probation officer approves it beforehand and your hours are verified. Eligible offenders can earn probation compliance credits that reduce the length of post-disposition probation supervision.

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CPD lieutenant arrested for DUI; currently on administrative leave

Crosley Estate. Emerson Point. Bray Recreation Center. Jiggs Landing. Library Locations. Find Adoptable Pets. Bus Stops. She told me that she wanted it in her name, I didn't want anymore problems so we met to do the paperwork at a store and she started assaulting me, I did hold her arms to keep her from hitting me in the face. I was arrested for domestic assault on a female due to redness on her arms she was arrested for simple assault.

Charges later dismissed due to her admitting in an internal investigation that I didnt assault her. I was advised by the chief that I was being placed on probationary period for 12 months due to policy violation of not having my police ID with me. That PD policy was to have police Id when carrying service weapon or to to advise you are an off-duty police officer when encountering police. I did advise that I was an off duty police officer. After about three months I was handed a report on a night shift by my Superior, DMV which was a hit and run. Info given to me by the victim and my Cpl I made a mistake on the report.

I was placed on administrative leave and while on administrative leave was contacted and advise that i had an interview with the chief.

Profiting from Probation

The chief advised me that they were requesting termination due to failure to perform duties. I noticed on my F5 that they have Mark the box I would not recommend this individual for employment with any agency. My question is will my ex PD marking the box I would not recommend for employment with any agency going to hinder me getting back into law enforcement.

Any comments and recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. No in Dixon, Illinois said: I'm in the same boat. Just me in Mcdonough, Georgia. Hey I got terminated by a former dept as a corrections officer with a bs reason as well and just landed a job with a police department and off to mandate soon so it's possible. Been trying for almost three years now but yes you can. GSP is hurting in ga to and as long as you can articulate your termination well you should be ok with them. Head high and if you wanna do it keep at it. Not yet but I've got some things in the works.

I've got to the second phase of the hiring phase with 2 departments.