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In South Carolina, the salary structure for correctional officers is based on the type of correctional facility in which they work and its level of security:. As the largest city in the state, Columbia serves as the main headquarters for all correctional facility operations in South Carolina. As of , there were more than 2, inmates housed in the state corrections facilities located in Columbia, which includes both men and women in all security levels minimum, medium and maximum. The South Carolina Department of Corrections supports jobs for more than correctional officers who supervise the inmates in the eight facilities combined.

In order to be considered for a corrections officer job in South Carolina, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements and qualifications:.

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Also, applicants that are fluent in Spanish are also given special consideration during the initial stages of hiring. The exam is used to determine basic comprehension of language, communication skills and the ability to follow directions accurately.

Applicants are then required to complete a physical fitness test, a medical and psychological examination, a drug screen, an interview with the Department of Corrections Board of Directors and a criminal background check. Recruits in South Carolina are required to attend and complete a one-week long, 40 hour orientation program to learn how to become correctional officers. After the orientation, the entry-level employees must complete hours of training at the academy within the first year of being hired. Through training, officers will learn defensive tactics, safety procedures, riot control, weapons and chemical agents handling, CPR, First Aid, emergency crisis management and a host of other techniques and procedures as recognized by the American Correctional Association.

After completion of the five-week long training academy, officers will receive their Correctional Officer Certification, in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Certified Law Enforcement Executive CLEE department. After the first year of employment, officers are required to complete 40 hours of training every year that they are employed with the Department of Corrections. FCI- Edgefield is located about 25 miles north of the state border between South Carolina and Georgia and is a medium security facility for male inmates only. The correctional institution is one of the largest in the state, with an inmate population of 1,, and is one of the few facilities that is operating at full capacity.

The facility also has an adjacent camp, which is for minimum security inmates, that has a total population of inmates. In total, the FCI- Edgefield facility supports correctional officer and administrative staff jobs in the county, which makes it one of the largest employers of correctional officers in the state. In order to obtain a correctional officer position in Edgefield County, applicants must complete the following steps :.

The education requirement can be bypassed if an applicant has three years or more experience if the experience relates to one of the following skill sets:. Other fields closely related to the above skill sets can also qualify for experience requirements. Special Qualifications โ€” Applicants with 9 semester hours, or 14 quarterly hours, of college education in the criminology, criminal justice, the social sciences or a related field of study are eligible to receive a pay upgrade upon completion of the training academy.

Also, those with at least one year of work experience in a related field, or military experience, are eligible for the pay upgrade and are given preference over other applicants during the initial hiring steps. Age Requirement โ€” All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and no older than 37 to apply for a corrections officer job at FCI- Edgefield, unless they have previously worked in federal civilian law enforcement.

Training โ€” All federal corrections officers must complete hours of training at a Federal Bureau of Prisons residential training academy. Through training, recruits will learn defensive tactics, communication skills, departmental procedures and a plethora of other skills needed in order to complete the job successfully.

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Corrections officers will also receive certification in a variety of fields, including First Aid, CPR and weapons handling. Additional training is required after the first year of employment as well in order to keep up with new procedures, regulations and practices on the federal and state levels.

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The main facility of the institution has an inmate population of and is the only federal correctional facility out of four in the state that operates over capacity. The capacity is , according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. There is also a satellite camp adjacent to the main facility, which houses an additional low-security risk inmates. The total inmate population makes FCI- Estill the second-largest federal correctional facility in South Carolina in terms of employees, as it supports correctional officer and administrative staff jobs. Corrections officers make up the largest portion of the federal corrections workforce.

These officers are responsible for supervising the day-to-day activities of inmates, which includes conducting surveillance of the inmates, searching jail cells, transporting inmates and ensuring the safety of those in jail, the employees and the public at large.

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According to the United State Bureau of Labor Statistics, corrections officer jobs are projected to increase by at least five percent through , which means there will always be a demand for officers on both the state and federal levels. In order to become a corrections officer in South Carolina, applicants must meet basic requirements and qualifications, as outlined by the American Correctional Association:.

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Upon completing the application and hiring process, new hires are required to enroll in the Federal Bureau of Prisons Training Academy to learn how to become correctional officers. On the federal level, officers are required to complete hours of training. Through training , correctional officer recruits will learn:.

After completion of the training academy, entry level correctional officers will receive on-the-job training under the supervision of a veteran corrections officer. The in-service training will focus on the day-to-day activities required of an officer and will acquaint the officer with the FCI- Estill facility and adjacent camp. Safety is a big priority, as the federal facility has experienced inmate riots over the years, including an incident in in which nearly 60 inmates were treated for injuries due to a large-scale fight that broke out in the work yard area of the facility.

In South Carolina there are four federal penitentiaries and 23 state correctional facilities. One of the four federal correctional facilities is the Federal Correctional Institute in Bennettsville also known as FCI- Bennettsville, and is located in Marlboro County in the southeastern corner of the state.


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FCI Bennettsville has an inmate population of 1, and operates as a medium security facility. There are no state correctional facilities in Marlboro County. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, correctional officer positions in the country are projected to grow by five percent through the year While the projection is considered lower than average when compared to other industries around the country, the fact that it is growing at all in a tough economic climate can bode well for anyone looking to join the field.

The Prison population consists of minimum-security inmates who have already been sentenced for a particular crime. The inmates are also used as an additional labor force for the Public Works Department. Responsibilities Provides incarceration services for inmates sentenced in York County Provides incarceration for state inmates through an agreement with the South Carolina Department of Corrections Supplies additional labor requirements for the Public Works Department Provides adequate medical treatment for inmate population Offers tours and presentations to civic and school groups Definitions County Inmates: County inmates are individuals serving sentences generating from family court, general sessions, magistrate, and municipal court.

These sentences are less than 90 days.

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State Inmates: State inmates are individuals serving on sentences of more than 90 days, generated by general sessions court. Inmate Labor: All inmates are utilized as a labor source for the York County Public Works Department, as well as various other county departments. Where can I go to see if an individual is incarcerated at your facility? How would I mail an inmate housed at the York County Prison? Who may visit inmates at the Prison?

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