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The Vital Records Section has on file birth records since , death and marriage certificates from to present, and divorce records from to present. Marriages that occurred between the years of and and divorces that occurred between and are maintained at the county offices in which the events occurred and must be requested from that office. What are heirloom certificates? Heirloom marriage and birth certificates are available to buy as well. These certificates are commemorative and are ideal for framing to help you remember that special day. How do I get a copy of my vital records?

Colorado vital records can be requested by mail, fax, phone, in person, or through an online service that is utilized by the Vital Records Seciton. What information is needed for a records request?

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Any person making a request for vital records must provide the following information: an application for the request, photo identification, full name of the person s listed on the application, and the date and place of the event. There are stipulations about who can request records, and the relationship of the requester to the individual on the certificate must be provided. How much does it cost to obtain a copy? If the certificate is ordered by phone, fax, or online, there is an additional convenience charge.

Can I look up my certificates online?

There are limited records available for viewing online. Most online records are used by individuals conducting genealogy research as the records are not current and are historic in nature. Why do people need vital records?

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Vital records serve a wide range of purposes. Oftentimes, they are used for identification purposes in applying for passports or verifying citizenship, but they are also used for legal reasons, such as qualification for insurance benefits. They are also frequently used to show proof of age of an individual, and they are very beneficial for people doing genealogy research.

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Marriage licenses. Related Links. The ceremony may take place anywhere within the State of Colorado. The license is valid for 35 days, including the date of issuance, If any license to marry is not used within thirty-five days it is void and shall be returned to the county clerk and recorder for cancellation per C. The bride and groom are not required to be Colorado residents to apply for a marriage license. For applicants who have been previously married, be prepared to supply the date, place, and court, if divorced.

Obtaining Copies

Rangely Office E. Main St. Both parties to the marriage must be of age 18 years old.

Marriage & Divorce Paperwork : How to Find Copies of Marriage Records

If the bride or groom are less than 18 years old, but more than 16 years old, the consent of both parents or the parent having legal custody documentation provided is required. If under 16 years old, a court order is required in addition to parental consent. Legal identification is required. No blood test is required.

Beginning July 1, , blood tests are no longer required in Colorado. Restrictions Couples may not apply for a marriage license while still married to another person. Divorces must be final before application is made. Marriages between ancestor and descendant, brother and sister, uncle and niece, or aunt and nephew, whether the relationship is by half or whole blood, is prohibited.

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Cousins are permitted to marry in the State of Colorado. Marriage Ceremonies Persons in Colorado authorized by law to solemnize a marriage are: judges, retired judges, magistrates, Indian tribe officials, clergy, and the bride and groom. Clergy do not need to be registered in Colorado and may be from out-of-state.