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Music buffs, find old vinyl records here

Iggy Pop Livin' on the edge of the night Ltd edition record vinyl 12". Make offer - Iggy Pop Livin' on the edge of the night Ltd edition record vinyl 12". Godflesh Streetcleaner Orange Vinyl Lp. Godflesh Selfless Clear Vinyl Lp. Guns N Roses Use Your Illusions Vol Vinyl Album Make offer - Guns N Roses Genesis abacab 7" vinyl.

Tina Turner Simply the best - vinyl. Make offer - Tina Turner Simply the best - vinyl. Shop by category. Genre see all. Artist see all. The Band. Record Label see all. Duration see all. Release Year see all.

Record Stores in Metro Phoenix: 11 Best Spots for Vinyl Collectors | Phoenix New Times

Record Size see all. For large collections of interest, we will travel far and wide. Make contact! The value of a record is first determined by the condition of the cover and the condition of the vinyl. The artist, label, and pressing are also very important. Read more…. StarryNight and The Wizard Queen are and were your basic eccentric musician artist computer hustling American urban weirdo genius misfits. The Mr. Regardless of the reasons, vinyl records have made a comeback. That means you might be able to sell them and make yourself some cash.

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There are several avenues you can use to sell vinyl records for cash. One of the best and fastest ways to sell your vinyl records is by bringing them to record or music stores near you. Record stores often have collections of used vinyl records for sale. New vinyl record lovers and long-time collectors trying to build their collection will both buy used from record stores.

Expect to get paid a deep discount from what the record stores will sell your used vinyl for. Another popular place to sell vinyl records is on eBay. However, some people might want to buy them only to resell them at a higher price. These types of fees will affect your bottom line profit. The more exposure the albums get to collectors, the better. You can use it to sell — or to buy — music in several formats. To sell on Discogs, you need a valid PayPal account.

Discogs helps you determine a selling price by suggesting an automated price. However, you can adjust that suggested price as you see fit. Discogs has a massive online music marketplace. Also known as swap meets, flea markets are havens for selling used items.

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With flea markets, you typically set up a table or booth and set the prices on your items. Traditional flea markets last a few days and move from location to location. Some malls and other shopping meccas will hold permanent flea markets in their halls and empty spaces. Permanent flea markets are typically managed by an employee. You leave your items there and they collect the money from your sales. You can also do an internet search for flea markets near you to find markets where you can sell your vinyl.

Bring anything else you want to sell to your flea market booth, too. The more variety you have available, the more people you can get to stop at your booth to look at your vinyl collection. Used bookstores can be a great place to sell your vinyl records, too. Stores like Half Price Books often buy vinyl so they can resell it. As with music stores, bookstores will give you far less for your albums so they can resell it at a fair price.

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The trade-off is that when you sell to a bookstore or music store, you go in, get your money and leave. No listing your items, waiting for a sale and coordinating shipments. You set the price and the shipping fee amount when you sell on CDandLP. See the website for more information on fees. The fee structure for this site seems a little less favorable for sellers than Discogs does.

These are six of the most popular ways to sell vinyl records for cash. Before you enter the market of selling vinyl records, there are some things you need to know. Selling vinyl records can be an intricate process.


Here are some tips for making the most profit when selling vinyl records. Knowing your business is key to success in any business. Start researching about vinyl records.