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  • Still no law requiring fingerprint background checks for teachers in N.C. public schools.

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As of July 1, , all applicants must undergo a fingerprint supported criminal history background check. If the private or non-public school elects to fingerprint new employees, then it must adhere to the situations covered by this chart for all new employees. Yes - paid student teachers are treated like employees and, therefore, are subject to fingerprinting. Bus Drivers who also serve another role in covered school and have direct contact with students i.

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Individuals who have been fingerprinted for another purpose i. Worker placed in the covered school under a public assistance employment program pursuant to Title 9-B of Article V of the Social Services Law. The situations described below are not covered by the SAVE legislation, therefore the Education Department is not authorized to process fingerprinting applications for these types of individuals.

If the private or non-public school elects not to fingerprint new employees, they can not fingerprint any employees. Non-Certified Special Education School Employees certified employees are subject to fingerprinting for certification purposes.

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The process for checking backgrounds of employees began in mid-February as a pilot program with five fingerprinting centers and 20 school districts and several early childhood centers that volunteered to try the system. On March 24, MorphoTrust USA, the company which is conducting the checks, began opening more centers and accepting employees from all school districts. State Rep.

Alice H. Peisch, D-Wellesley, who is the chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Education, said the bill was written after officials realized Massachusetts was the only state in the country which did not check the national criminal backgrounds of people who work with children.

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The issue actually came to the attention of legislators after there had been a number of school employees arrested for high-profile crimes involving students. None of those employees had past criminal records in Massachusetts or elsewhere, but it brought the state's failure to do national checks to the forefront, Peisch said.

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Several of those high-profile crimes have happened in Western Massachusetts. In , Chicopee High School teacher Donald Cushing pleaded guilty to five counts of rape and abuse of a year-old female student, who said they had sex in his classroom closet multiple times. Cushing was sentenced to eight to 10 years in state prison. In Holyoke, school teacher Lisa M. Lavoie was sentenced to five years of probation for having had a sexual relationship with a year-old boy in She was later sent to jail for 18 months after violating the probation agreement.

The law calls for every employee who may be alone with a child to be fingerprinted and run through the FBI's national data base to ensure they do not have a criminal background.

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While teachers are mostly discussed, it includes bus drivers, cafeteria workers, substitute teachers, principals and superintendents of all public and private schools. The law also includes those who work in day care centers, after-school programs and applicants who want to adopt children or become foster parents.

There is some leeway for school districts to decide who should be fingerprinted.

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For example crossing guards are not specifically listed in the law and it will also be up to the districts to decide if volunteers should be run through the national criminal base along with the state one, said Lauren Greene, spokeswoman for the department of education. The results of the background checks go directly to officials at the school district.

If an arrest or conviction is discovered, the principal or superintendent will decide how to handle it, Greene said. The same is true with the current CORI checks.