Where do i find my slingbox finder id

This is an amazing piece of equipment. The picture is sharp in either HD or standard TV. I am very happy with it. Remember that It controls the box you have it connected to. So if you change the channel it will also change the channel for those that may be watched the same cable box at home. You will need to purchase and download the app for your mobile devices, but the computer download doesn't cost anything. Hope this helps!. Your question, Will it work with silicon dust tuner products?

You will need to visit the website or call their tech support. Thanks, Tim. It only tales control of the box its connected to. I don't know, I've never tried it. My DVR's are linked already. I returned the Slingbox because it was too complicated and very slow to program on the TV screen.

Looking at other reviews, I purchased a Vulkano which you can program on the computer first and then attach it to the TV. It was much cheaper in price and easier to program. So, to answer your question, if you are watching the DVR that the Slingbox is connected to, you will then be fighting for control with the person controlling the Slingbox.

To avoid that issue, you will need a special cable box that can access the "main" DVR and live TV, without being locked into viewing what the main DVR watches. I have this setup in my home; one "main" DVR and one "satellite" box. If someone changes the channel on the DVR, it does not affect the satellite box.

If you can watch the DVR in person, it will work remotely. The signal that is going to the TV is the only signal that the Slingbox gets. It is as if the Slingbox was just a part of the cable connected to the TV, so the Slingbox only sees what the TV sees. The only difference is that the TV can be off or on.

However if the Slingbox is connected to its own cable box it will see the signal that that cable box is sending. If either of you change it, the other will see the change.

I have my Slingbox connected to the box in my home office that no one goes in so when I dial in it's like watching that specific TV in the room. It works like another remote control. It can only show what your set top box is outputting. Should somebody else be at home and change the channel then that would be the newly streamed channel. The relationship is 1 to 1. Smaller pipe will work but you may experience occasional hiccups with t he video stream.

Ive heard that many people use their Sling on a little used TV. I only have 1 cable box and I only use it while on vacation so I dont have an issue with that. It's best to have a a second box that only you have access to and that way you are in full control of your playbacks while away. I travel for my job constantly so not being able to watch the same channel as what is on the TV at home does not cause a problem.

The Roku slingbox channel doesn't have any ads unique to itself. If you already have ads, it's not going to eliminate them. The wifi on your TV is irrelevant to the Slingbox because the Slingbox gets its signal from the Cable Box, and forwards the signal to the network itself; the TV is not involved in this chain. So yes you would need a Slingbox that has its own wifi. Consider this possibility. If your internet is provided by your cable TV provider, then you may be able to tap a wired ethernet connection off the coax cable that provides the signal to your Cable Box.

You might want to investigate that possibility. The device that does this is usually called a "MOCA". This can work because, in some cases, the Cable Boxes are, in fact, little computers; so there is actually a local area network running on your coax cables.

Finding the Finder ID and passwords for Slingbox M1 : slingbox

The quality is better on the as i have seen both. I just want to provide the purpose of the It doesn't matter your tv is wifi or not, the will be sitting next to your TV between your cable box and your TV and you need to connect your cable box to the then from the to your TV. The wifi on the is allowing you to watch your cable TV on your computer using web browser or Android device using slingbox app.

If you outside of your home, you can watch your cable box too with HD quality. If you provide in details what you try to accomplish, I can help. I have moved mine a few times and I am really glad I have the wifi. It is not that much more and well worth it in my opinion. And your internet connection is enough good. You will need appropriate bandwidth at both locations for high-def but there is no reason it shouldn't work.

Finding the Finder ID and passwords for Slingbox M1

BUt that probably costs more than usual. You can put the video source into it and view that video source on your remote source Internet, iPad, etc I think you can also set up online without the need for a tv but as I recall these newer models are easier to set up if you initially can hook it up to a tv for setup then you can unplug it from tv when using if you want.

No need to have a TV connected. If so, how can I do it? Klhon, Mar Slingbox can be run on a mobile phone, but at the time of writing, the Slingbox player software is only available for phones powered by Windows Mobile or Symbian OS v9.

If your phone is powered by a supported operating system, then you should be able to use Slingbox on the move. I would like to broadcast the video signal on the net so that it can be accessed by me from anywhere in the world via PC. Is the Slingbox my best option?

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Saj Aya, Apr It should be possible to use the Slingbox to transmit the output of a CCTV system to the 'Net, provided that the CCTV system outputs standard video, and you can physically make the connection the Slingbox comes with a set of leads that should be all you need, but you may need an adapter. Where you may have a problem, could be with any remote control access that you may need.

The Slingbox supports sending of remote control commands over the net, but only for certain equipment. We've recorded a special show about setting up the BT Home Hub. If you still need help, best to ask in our Home Hub forum , giving as much information as possible.

Registering Your Slingbox

Power: Does the PC connected to the router need to always be on or can it be switched off once the Slingbox is activated? I'm interested in this device as I'm away from home for days on end, but don't want my PC to always be running. Ian Kell Aug If you're using an Broadband router to connect directly to the Internet, and you can connect your Slingbox direct to the router not via your PC , then you won't need a PC powered up at the 'transmit' end. Do I need a fixed IP address to use the Slingbox? Gabor, Oct Slingbox uses something called a Finder ID.

We covered the Slingbox pro back in Show The Slingbox Pro. The pro adds composite, component and HD video inputs, improving on the original Slingbox's connectivity options. It has a new-look case, and can cope with higher video transfer rates - up to 8 Mbps. Click for Slingbox availability. Bandwidth: Is there a limit to the bandwidth needed to watch Sky on a live feed? I'd be looking to watch Sky from my other house in France James Pothecary, Jan Slingbox needs somewhere between kilobits per second for a watchable picture - the more the better.

Note that the broadband download speed is not always the main issue with Slingbox though The Slingbox uploads video to the Internet, and in the UK, upload speeds are a lot slower than download speeds. Typical upload speed in the UK is between kbps and kbps, and even if you have an 8Meg download connection at the receiver end, your transfer rate is only going to be as good as the rate that the video is up-streamed.

Check your upload speed from the UK. Finally - yes you can, as there's now a gadget called a Sling Catcher. These are now available from Play. One workaround is to connect a basic Freeview receiver to the Slingbox and use that for radio slinging. Not ideal, but it is at east possible. Problems: I own a Slingbox in the US. I am in Saudi Arabia. When I look at the sessions monitor I don' t see any traffic from or to this internal IP address, nor any attempts to open these ports, so I assume I' ve missed the boat.

Any help would be very much appeciated, as this functionality is very important to us.