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There is room for 40 bunks. Because Owyhee County does not fill all of those, we rent out the beds to other counties and the state of Idaho. Because of that I can hold Owyhee County prisoners for a fraction of the cost of other counties. Since the new jail was built, every year we have passed the Jail Inspection requirements for the State of Idaho. There are only a few of the Idaho Counties that pass this certification.

Medical Care for Ada County Jail Inmates

Owyhee County employees 5 full time and 1 part time Detention Officers. There are also 5 full time and 1 part time Dispatchers. Because of the design of the jail both the Detention Officer and Dispatcher are running the jail, which is, another cost saving to the County.

Inmate meals are served 3 times a day and the inmates must be offered 2, calories a day. Inmates are also allowed to purchase certain commissary items if they have money. Inmates are used to clean, cook and do minor maintenance to the jail. This keeps costs to the county down by not having to hire a cook or custodian.

Low cut shirts, tank tops, sleeveless tops, short shorts, mini skirts and bare midriffs are not allowed! Inmates may receive written letters and standard photographs.

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Polaroid photographs, stamps, envelopes, and other forwarded items are not allowed. Mail or publications containing images or depictions of sexual situations, nudity or sexual acts are prohibited. In addition, mail cannot contain:. In compliance with Section IN compliance with Section PREA sets the standard that protects Eighth Amendment rights of federal, state, and local prisoners, making the prevention of sexual assault a top priority. We wish to thank our Business Associates for their support. Describe your image.

Contact US. Sheriffs Patrol Vehicle. Idaho Peace Officer Memorial. Ada Deputies at Memorial. Message From the Board of Directors Public safety and community service is our passion. What's Happening. Skiles Lauded as 'a good, good guy' dnews. Conferences and Trainin g. It is important to attend this conference as legislation will be finalized for the next session of the Legislature. Concealed Weapons. Honorary Membership. You can make deductions from your account for commissary purchases.

Deductions can also be made for medical co-pays, medications, lost or damaged County property etc.

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You are required to wear a jail uniform. Inmates are allowed to possess dentures, prescription eyeglasses or contacts, and similar devices if these items do not compromise the security, safety or order of the Caldwell County Detention Center. Contact lens refills sealed and new in the box, or prescription glasses can also be brought to the facility by your family.

Anything other than eye wear, the Jail Medical Services shall determine any special medical needs on a case by case basis. Access to the inmate telephone system is not a Constitutional right, but a privilege provided for your convenience.

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The system is not owned or operated by the Caldwell County Detention Center. An outside vendor provides inmate telephone service. The Caldwell County Detention Center monitors and records all telephone calls made on the inmate telephone system. Inmates are prohibited from using an inmate telephone to contact any Detention Center staff member, either at work or at home.

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Mail rather than using the inmate telephone system. All telephone charges are consistent with N. Utilities Commission regulations. All inmates will be properly dressed with the uniform all the way on and buttoned up correctly.

Much more than documents.

Do not wear them down around your waist or roll up the pants legs. All inmates will button up the front of the jump suit if they have a t-shirt on or not. Inmates must bath regularly and must be fully dressed while going to and from the shower. Indigent hygiene items may be ordered through commissary. Additional items may be purchased through commissary. If you have money and you need hygiene, you must order it through the commissary. Toilet paper is to only be used as a personal hygiene item. It is not to be wet and thrown on light fixtures, wet and molded into items, used for hair rollers, used as tampons, etc. You WILL receive disciplinary action if caught misusing any hygiene item for anything other than its purpose.

These are requested by using the kiosk machines located in all of the housing blocks. Indigent packs will be given out on a scheduled weekly basis only to inmates who do not have any money in their account and has not ordered commissary in over a 7 day period. If you have money in your account or you have placed an order for anything from the Detention Center within the past 7 days such as canteen, phone cards, batteries, or Fresh Favorites you will not be considered indigent.

We will not stamp any indigent envelopes if you have money in your account or if you have placed any orders in the past 7 days. Indigent packs will include soap, tooth paste, deodorant, 2 pieces of paper, 2 envelopes, 1 pencil and 1 roll of toilet paper. Inmates will store all County and personal property in a plastic property container except wet bath linen, wet bars of soap and other inmate property in actual use inmate uniform, bed linen, etc. No pictures of any kind are to be hung on the walls or the doors of any cell. Any pictures not stored in the inmate tote will be taken and considered as contraband and thrown away.

If you are in possession of any torn property, you will be charged for it. All other items are contraband and will be thrown away. Cost of damaged property: If you are caught with any torn or damaged property in your possession, you will be charged for the items. You are responsible for keeping your area clean, mopped and free of debris. You will be provided with brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies.

Housing unit floors should be swept and mopped daily. Showers, toilets, sinks, bathroom walls and floors should be cleaned daily. Trash is removed at least two times daily. The kitchen will prepare three balanced meals daily. During meals, an inmate must be properly dressed and orderly. One inmate is not allowed to obtain a meal for another inmate. Designated sleeping hours are PM to AM. Inmates are allowed to read quietly and to use the toilet. Nude sleeping is prohibited. Inmates are prohibited from showering, talking, exercising, playing cards or in anyway disturbing the peace and tranquility of the Detention Center during this time.

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Lights on is at am every morning. The 1st wakeup call will be given at am. All inmates who wish to eat breakfast should be up and ready to enter the dayroom when the breakfast call is made. The method of Funding an Account is cash or debit at the visitation area kiosk machine. All money orders must include the inmates name and the name of the sender. Since money can be deposited electronically, family members no longer need to take time off work to travel to the facility to make any deposits if their busy during the day. Contraband is defined as any item which is forbidden by or not specifically authorized by jail rules, any excessive property or property which has been altered from its original condition or converted to another use.

To provide a harassment-free workplace for staff, inmates and visitors, materials depicting human nudity or sexuality including photographs or which could cause or create a hostile work environment are not allowed in the Caldwell County Detention Center. Nudity is defined as the depiction or display of pubic hair, genitalia, buttocks or breasts of either sex.

More than one inmate may possess an item at one time. Excessive property: More property than can be held in a plastic property container, more than one blanket, more than one mattress, any amount of allowable property that can not be neatly stored in the plastic storage container with lid sealed.

These items are considered contraband and are subject to confiscation. Incoming mail should have a complete full name and full return address. Incoming mail must be addressed to your full name the name and spelling under which you were booked. We will not accept mail that does not meet these requirements.