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These are the individuals who best know the inmate, and their status. The Department of Corrections generally only has custody of, and information on, offenders who have received a sentence of incarceration in a Nevada State Prison, and are currently serving that sentence.

The Department does not have current information on parolees, individuals sentenced to probation, or those who have only been arrested and are awaiting trial or sentencing and have not yet been sentenced to a prison term. If you have heard that someone has been arrested and you are trying to locate them or find out more information, you will need to contact the county or city in which they were arrested. No information will be provided regarding when approved transfers will be executed.

Persons intending to request consideration for the transfer of an inmate should be aware that the Department of Corrections does not engage in transfers for the purpose of inmate convenience, or family reunification. The Department of Corrections has limited housing, and transportation resources.

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This agency must naturally give priority to the needs of the community for security, and the location of beds in order to prevent overcrowding, and maintain a constitutionally acceptable environment for all inmates throughout the State. The Department of Corrections also does not engage in the transfer of inmates to other states for the purposes of family reunification.

These Interstate Correctional Compact transfers are reserved for inmates who have significant behavioral problems, or a substantial, documented need for protection. Information regarding the approval of release plans, and the date of inmate's releases on parole can be obtained from the pre-release unit of the Division of Parole and Probation along with their contact information.

This is also the unit responsible for the investigation and approval of residential plans for residential confinement. This information is not communicated to the Department of Corrections until it is finally approved by the Division of Parole and Probation. Specific information regarding Parole Board issues should be addressed directly to the Parole Board. This is the agency to contact for information regarding the specific time and place of an inmate's hearing for parole, and any questions regarding the decisions of the Parole Board.

Locate a Prison, Inmate, or Sex Offender

The Department of Corrections does not supervise parolees or those sentenced to probation only. The "Desperate Housewives" star turned herself in at the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin to serve her term starting Oct.

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Macy, left, after she was sentenced for her actions in the college admissions scandal at a federal courthouse in Boston, Sept. TV actress Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days in federal prison by a federal court judge on Friday for her role in a nationwide college admissions scandal. Huffman might serve the 14 days at FCI in Dublin. Felicity Huffman and William H.

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Huffman is most well-known for her role on the show, which aired from to Felicity Huffman is nationally famous these days, both as a TV star and as one of the best-known defendants in the nationwide college admissions scandal. On Tuesday, the year-old Oscar nominee became inmate no. That means that her first day as a federal prisoner was both routine and remarkable.

On the one hand, she was probably met with a mix of reactions from staff and inmates because of her fame, wealth, crime and day sentence. Bureau of Prisons procedures for admitting new inmates. Surrendering to federal custody can be daunting , especially for someone accustomed to a thriving career and Hollywood red carpets.

The process involves a strip search, then being fingerprinted, swabbed for DNA and briefly checked for any medical issues or suicidal tendencies, according to Larry Levine, another former inmate who is the founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants. Inmates also receive prison-issued underwear and clothing, hygiene products and a bunk assignment, Levine and Coulman said. Lunch is served as early at a.

But Huffman may have had time to get her bunk, meet other inmates and get to dinner at p.

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At a camp, women typically bunk in cubicles with several other inmates in a dormitory-like setting. First, Levine said, he suspected that Huffman was able to arrange to surrender earlier than her court-ordered reporting date of Oct. The early surrender allowed her to slip into the prison with little media attention ahead of time. Levine also said that the Bureau of Prisons — stung by criticism over the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein — will want to make sure that their latest high-profile inmate is kept safe and treated as well as possible.

Previous accounts and writings by Levine, Coulman and other former inmates describe how some federal guards verbally demean inmates and are known to sexually harass and abuse female inmates. Like the more than 30 other wealthy parents indicted in the bribery scheme, Huffman admitted to wanting to give her child an unfair advantage when applying to selective U.